Atiak Hooray!

Hello everyone! I’m sorry this my first post but the day I arrived the internet stopped working in northern Uganda and it still is not back on in our small region. So I’m here in Gulu after transporting a woman to the hospital here (see birthy stuff below).  The birth center and compound we live in is beautiful!  it’s a very rural area and the town center is 2km away. We have some electricity from a solar panel but there is none in the rest of the area.  We, and many members of the community use the well to get water to drink.  The women here walk long distances to get water, carrying it on their heads in giant buckets.  There is this one sweet elderly woman who always asks me to carry her water home for her.  I  keep telling her that if she doesnt mind the water all sloshing out by the time she gets home I’m happy to do it! That always cracks her up!

Our days are filled with prenatal and postpartum exams and caring for women in labor.  Our nights are filled with births, sometimes a movie that we all watch together, or going to bed super early.  Every morning I wake up with the roosters crowing and when it starts to get light.  It usually gets pretty hot in the afternoon and then very late afternoon a huge storm will come through with torrential rains and lots of thunder and lightning.  Then it cools down for the evening.  We eat a mostly local diet which consists of beans, greens, and either rice or posha which is a starchy white paste made from corn.  We have chapitis for breakfast which is tasty fried dough! There are banana trees all over thee compound so we have lots of fresh bananas