Back in the Bay

Well after being in the states for a month I finally got around to unpacking! I think I kind of wasn’t ready to leave Uganda yet so I held on as long as I could. Life is getting back to usual here – babies and bellies although not nearly as busy as I was last month at this time 🙂 But I’m already trying to figure out how I can get back there sometime later this year!
The internet connection was too slow for me to upload any photos while I was there so I’m just going to post a bunch of photos for fun! Enjoy!

This is the whole crew celebrating Thomas’ birthday

This is me learning an Acholi dance from the students at St. Monica’s (the school next to the birth center). They were super sweet but were all laughing at how bad I was – but it was fun and a great workout!

This is a banana bunch in its early flowering state

These are 2 of the kids we live with there – they LOVE bathing in the buckets! You can see the herb garden and the birth center. This was right outside my hut.

The Traditional Midwives demonstrating the proper way to help a placenta to birth (no massage until after the placenta comes)


All the Lacolos (Midwives)…I have no idea what was said but it sure looks funny!!

Again, the whole crew

Happy Mamas, Babies and Aunties

Catching a baby by candlelight. I miss you Atiak! I’ll be back as soon as I can…